The OR Module Integrations

Every aspect of The OR Module is designed to support the modern operating room theater, with infrastructure to control the environment with automation, easy integration of components for lighting and boom mounts, air flow, sophisticated audio-video and more.

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Functional, Beautiful and Configurable

Touch Screen Control Panel

Control all room parameters, medical equipment, and AV systems with a flush-mounted touch screen integrated seamlessly into our walls.

Boom Arms

Limited only by your custom needs, boom arms can be configured to accommodate nearly any purpose. With mounts integrated into our ceilings, boom arms can be moved and configured as needed to allow for custom placement of lights, audio-video equipment, instrument trays and more. Maintenance-free bearings and a streamlined design allow arms to be easily adjusted.

Surgical Lights

Our surgical lights feature smart sensors for shadow control, assisting surgical teams with more stable illumination. Intensity, field-size diameter, and color temperature can all be easily controlled and adjusted.

Surgical Tables, Components & Accessories

The OR Module completes the end-to-end modular operating room with a wide range of components and accessories that cover the needs of all surgical specialties. A wide range of surgical tables, including motorized, mobile, and carbon-fiber tables, open possibilities for any requirement.