About Us

Gil-Bar Health and Life Sciences provides leading-edge, modular health care solutions for hospitals and life science organizations.

Our systems are holistic and turnkey-from functional modern spaces, to HVAC, to leading-edge equipment, to patient interfaces, to tools that ensure safe, sanitary and secure maintenance.

We have 30+ years in the buildings industry, with strong credentials in creating health care spaces and functional, patient-centric environments.

We are committed to creating modular, customized solutions that fit the needs of a broad range of health care and life science institutions, while providing unique programs for individual entities.

We partner with institutions, developers, architects, engineers, and contractors

Our Values

We help design, install, problem-solve, and service the right custom HVAC solution for every building. We do it with the largest and most experienced team of degreed application engineers in the industry. And we treat every client, manufacturer, and employee as part of the Gil-Bar family.


We believe there’s a solution for every problem, no matter how large or small. We don’t run from challenges, we embrace them. They’re what makes this business interesting, and they’re where we get a chance to really shine.


We know what it takes to find the best solutions: experience built on a base of intelligence, sharpened with an engineering-educated mindset, and seasoned by deep contact with the real world. The experience to anticipate
 and close the gap between what works best on a blueprint and what will work best in a building.


But it’s not easy; it never is. So
 the question becomes: how do we
 react when the going gets tough.
 We never give up. We roll up our sleeves, and work with our clients
 and factories, and keep working 
for as long as it takes to get to the answer that meets everyone's needs.

No Excuses

We warranty our quality on every project and offer ongoing support through the entire construction process. We don’t accept excuses; we’re dedicated to finding solutions that protect everyone involved. We do 
what we say we’ll do.

Better Together

We work together. From how we collaborate to solve problems within 
the company, to how we organize
 our businesses to provide uniquely integrated solutions for our clients, we’re focused on bringing out the
 best in every team and for every client.


These instincts for protection and collaboration come from our belief in family values. Gil-Bar started as
 a family company in the basement
 of a residential home, and those family values are woven into the culture of our company. This means treating everyone in the firm, and every client, as if they’re one of our own. Because they are. And we have their backs, no matter what.

We have offices in New York and New Jersey