For Today's Healthcare Spaces

GBHLS focuses on providing leading edge modular and pre-fabricated Architectural and HVAC products to the Commercial, Healthcare and Life Science Industries.

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We believe a space is more than the sum of its parts.

As an industry leader in providing modular and pre-fabricated solutions we understand the interaction of every part in its role to support the whole project. Our systems are holistic and turnkey – from functional modern spaces, leading-edge equipment, to patient interfaces, with tools that ensure safe, sanitary and secure maintenance.

We combine our expertise and strong relationships with the world’s finest manufacturers.

We go well beyond just matching products with blueprints. We anticipate and solve problems at every stage of the design, build and manufacturing process. We treat every client as family, working relentlessly to get the job done to the highest possible standard.


We provide innovative, leading edge health care, laboratory, and vivarium equipment and solutions that provide seamless health care and life science professionals.


We embody elegant, efficient systems design – from individual elements, to whole solutions.


Our solutions include thoughtfully designed elements that are meant to work together in a range of combinations; we’re highly customizable-able to be tailored to a range or organizational and team needs.

Elevated and Valued

Our products and solutions are of the highest caliber, providing indispensable performance and quality.

Our Manufacturers

GBHLS represents the finest manufacturers in business today and we deeply value these partnerships. They extend as long as 34 years, with many over two decades and counting. Over the duration of these relationships, we’ve built an unprecedented level of mutual trust. We know their lines like the back of our hands, and when we need something new, we know who to call. Work with us and you can rest assured that you’ll always get the right solution for your needs.

Our Collaborators

Ambient companies offer integrated solutions and accountability at every stage of the design, build, and maintenance process. GBHLS doesn’t just engineer custom HVAC solutions, we bring a unified
culture of expertise and unwavering client commitment across all our companies. We’re best-in-class individually, but even better together.