Louis Arzano

Chief Operating Officer, GBHLS

Lou Arzano became part of the Gil-Bar family after partnering with them for more than 20 years and growing to respect and appreciate the people and organization. When Gil-Bar presented the opportunity to improve operating room performance and safety through new advances in equipment and construction practices, he couldn’t let it pass. As Chief Operating Officer of
Gil-Bar’s newly formed Health & Life Sciences Company, Lou is bringing that future to life today.

Professionally, Lou’s story began after he completed his Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida. From there, he started work as a Mechanical Engineer at Arup, one of the world’s leading engineering, architectural, and design consulting firms. To add construction experience to his design and engineering skills, Lou went to Lend Lease. Lou then took his design and construction knowledge and put them to full use when he joined Extell Development Company, rising to become the SVP, Director of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering over the course of his 14 years with the firm.

Throughout his career, one constant has been Lou’s skill at listening to a discussion, sifting through the seemingly different points of view, and getting at the root questions that lead to new insight and alignment. This has enabled him to cut through confusion, build consensus for a plan forward, and then execute that plan to the highest standards of success.

Lou is now using this experience and skill-set to help Gil-Bar revolutionize operating room construction in the New York area through the use of new modular construction techniques. No built environment is more sensitive or requires higher standards. Any change in the products or procedures used to build them does and should meet with intense scrutiny. Lou and his team are demonstrating that the new approach is cost effective and gives owners the ongoing flexibility to reconfigure as business needs require. But even more importantly, they provide a better work environment for healthcare providers, and because they are easier to clean and disinfect, they can significantly increase patient safety.

This mission is exciting, and the opportunity to do it at Gil-Bar was irresistible. Lou cites the “integrity of the team and company, starting with the leadership and their ability to empower the team to keep the clients’ needs first and to do what’s right.” This creates a unique work environment. As Lou puts it: “I like the deep collaboration and the level of pride each person has in doing a good job.”